たくさんの力の強さ 個だけではできることが限られているが個がたくさん集まればグループへと大きくカタチを変えて力が何倍もの大きさになってできることが広がっていくこととアイデアがさまざまな角度から 理屈では説明できないことでも叶えたいといった単純な理由だけで十分であると認識してカタチを整えて笑顔の花を少しでも増やして輝かせていけるためにと 可能性を次の世代へ/The Strength of Many We recognize that what we can do individually is limited, but when many individuals are gathered together, they can be transformed into a group, and their power can be multiplied many times over to expand what we can do, and that ideas can come from many different angles, and that a simple reason to make something happen, even if it cannot be explained by logic, is enough to shape it. and to increase the number of smiling flowers and make them shine even a little more brightly. Passing on the possibilities to the next generation