タスクをより早く 頭の中がわちゃわちゃになりながらも現在地と目的地までの距離を感じながらできるところから少しずつ丁寧に進めていきながら考えては行動してを何回も繰り返すことが生きることで成長へと 使えるツールを最大限に活かせるようにするためにこちらが力と知識を山のように積み重ねていくことをベースとして日々の生活の当たり前に変えていけるように 今は下準備の段階/Faster Tasks While my mind is a jumble of thoughts, I am thinking and acting over and over again, carefully advancing little by little from where I can while feeling the distance between where I am and where I want to go, so that I can live and grow. In order to make the most of the tools available to me, I am accumulating power and knowledge like a mountain. We are now in the preliminary stage of preparation so that we can change it to the norm of our daily life based on our ability and knowledge to make the most of the tools for growth. Now is the stage of preparation