短い時間でも創造を 誘惑に負けずに学びや創造を繰り返していくその先にあるはずのキラキラとしたモノを手にするために少しの痛みや苦しみがあっても立ち止まらず思考をし続けていけばきっと何かが見えてきて手にでき 準備もActionの大切なイチブであり手を抜くとすぐに見抜かれ何より納得しこれだ!!と胸を張って世に出せるものをクリエイティブできなくなっていくと 止まるな!学び想像せよ!!/Creation, even for a short time. If you keep learning and creating without giving in to temptation, and if you keep thinking without stopping even if there is a little pain and suffering in order to get the sparkling thing that is supposed to be there, you will surely see something and get it. Preparation is an important part of Action, and if you cut corners, you will soon be found out, and above all, you will be satisfied with this. If you cut corners, you will be recognized immediately and you will be convinced more than anything else! If you can’t be creative, you can’t be proud to show the world what you have created. Don’t stop! Learn and imagine!