悩みに悩む 手元にあれば便利なことはわかっていながらも即決できない弱い心がユラユラと傾いての期間をどこかで楽しみながら今の生活が十分であることを再確認しながらQOLや作業の効率化を! 手元にたくさん置いていても使わなければムダになってしまうことは分かっていながらも自己投資に対しての考え方がとても消極的なことであることを意識して変えていく 必要なものは投資だと/I am troubled by my worries Improvement of QOL and work efficiency while reaffirming that the current life is sufficient while enjoying somewhere the period of time when the weak mind that knows it would be useful if it were at hand but cannot make an immediate decision is inclined to lurch and rethink the current life! Consciously changing my mindset that I am very reluctant to invest in myself, even though I know that even if I have a lot on hand, if I don’t use it, it will be wasted That what you need is an investment.